Milföy Dough

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Milföy Dough

Deep Frozen Mille Feuille 20x50g

Cooking Suggestion

Take out the mille feuille to room temperature until it is treatable. You can fill it with desired ingredients (cheese, spinach. meat, potato etc.) and give mille feuille a shape. Put them on the tray (if you want apply egg yolk on top).
Place the tray in oven which you have pre-heated until 200°C Cook for 20-25 minutes.
Enjoy your meal.


Wheat Flour (59,2%), Water (26,1%), Vegatable Margarine (Palm Oil 13%), Salt (1,2%), Sugar (0,5%), Yeast.

Storage Conditions

In refrigerator: (+7°C) 24 hours. In freezer 7 days.
In deep freeze: (-18°C)

Until expiration date. Do not refreeze once defrost!
Production date, expiration date and batch number is on the back side of package.

Nutritional Information

* Reference Amount for an Average Adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal.)