Tray Pastry Potatoes

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Tray Pastry with Potatoes

Potato Rolls

Olive oil is used in its dough.

Cooking Instructions

Take out the Köytad Borek from its package leave the special reproof package then place it on the middle shelf of your oven which you have preheated to 190°C (Optionally, you can add egg yolk.) Cook about 30-35 minutes (Depending of the oven temperature and timing may dier.) After 5-10 minutes resting, Köytad Borek is ready to serve.



Wheat flour,, Potatoes (24%), Water, Vegetable Oil (palm), Onion, Olive oil, Sugar, Salt, Gluten, Tomato paste, Deactive yeast, Black pepper, Skimmed milk powder.


In The Refrigerator: (+4°C) 24 Hours.
In The Freezer: 7 Days.
In deep Freeze: (-18°C)
Until expiration date.
At least durable up to: See date on pack.
Do not freeze again after defrosting!


Nutritional Information