KÖYTAD Kadayif

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Kadayif dessert made from vermicelli with frozen pistachios.


Cooking Instructions

Preparation in the oven: Pre Heat the oven to only with the upper and lower heat to 220-300 degrees, then bake the Kadayif with the supplied aluminum baking pan until golden brown on each side. Finally add the cold syrup to the Kadayif and serve it hot.
Preparation in the frying pan: Put the Kadayif in the Teflon pan and bake the bottom side gold brown. After that turn the Kadayif and bake the upper side golden brown. Finally add the cold syrup to the Kadayif and serve it hot. Enjoy your meal!


Raw Qatayef (57%), pistachio (15%), butter, vegetable oils and fats Contains no bacon or pork. Allergen Warning: Contains gluten, lactose.


In The Refrigerator: 2 Days
*Tray or ice cube tray: 1 week
** Compartment: 2 Weeks
*** Compartment: at-18ºC

at least durable up to: See date on pack.
Do not freeze again after defrosting
Allergen warning: Not suitable for consumption by celiac patients. Contains gluten and lactose.

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