Stuffed Meatballs Soybean

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Stuffed Meatballs


Deep frozen, Stuffed Meatballs width Soybean

Preparation Suggestion

It is a frozen product that has been cooked / CONSUMED BY HEATING.
It is consumed by heating in the microwave at 800 rpm for 3 minutes and in the oven at 240 °C for 5 minutes.



Bulgur (25%), water, semolina (12.5%), lentil, soybean (6%), onion, salt, egg (chicken egg) (0.8%), tomato paste, pepper paste, sunflower oil, cotton oil (Antioxidane) (E319, E321 AND E900), red powder pepper, carbon, pepper, cement, garlic, parsonous, carbonate.


In deep freezer (-18 °C) until the consumption date.

Do not freeze again after thawing.
Alert Allergen: Contains egg and gluten.

Nutritional Information

* Reference Amount for an Average Adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal.)